About us

Who we are

Homes for Us is a campaign facilitated by the New Economics Foundation and steered by an Alliance made up of grassroots groups, tenants unions and charities.

What we believe

We believe that the housing system needs radical reform. The UK needs many more social homes and the private rental sector must shrink, become more affordable, and be better regulated. All housing should be accessible, sustainable and high quality.

We believe that the housing movement must be strong, organised and diverse in order to achieve our aims. We want to strengthen movements and communities fighting for better, more affordable homes. Without this any new housing system risks being insufficiently radical to meet the needs of those who will be using it, and there’ll be no strong communities to hold the powerful to account.

What we do

Each of our organisations has its own activities, and where possible we co-ordinate to strengthen each other. We also have work which we do together as an Alliance. We organise demonstrations, carry out research and design policies to improve the housing system in the UK. We also lobby politicians to make change happen, build resources for campaigners and spread awareness about what we’re fighting for and why. Our work is focused on achieving change at a national level. We aim to work in a way which tackles the racism, colonialism, ableism and sexism at the heart of the housing crisis.

Homes for Us also runs a regranting programme which will distribute £200,000 across three years directly to the grassroots of the housing movement. Find out more here

Who funds us?

The Oak Foundation, The Tudor Trust and Trust for London.

How I get involved?

If you’re an individual who wants to join our campaign, find out how you can get involved.

If you’re an organisation who wants to take part in the Alliance, please contact us.